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#myalulacollection is the core focus of what Alula is all about 

What is #myalulacollection?

#myalualcollection is your personal collection of Alula beautiful things. All of the items  from Alula are designed to be collected and be worn alongside each other making a collection of beautiful things. So we want to see how you style and wear your collection. The more crazy, the more colourful, the more bold the better.

How do I start #myalulacollections?


Step 1 - Choose your favourite pieces

Anything goes with anything, nothing looks too much!


Step 2 - Get styling, get your camera and let your "you-ness" take over

Rainbow with Rainbow? Mirror selfie? Candid Photoshoot? Laid out on your bed? 3 Filters?

We ​want to see EVERYTHING!


Step 3 - SHARE! Post to your Instagram with the #myalulacollection and don't forget to tag @alulacollections so we can see your insane collection and add it to Alula's Instagram!

It doesn't stop there, don't forget to keep coming back to grab some new pieces for your #myalulacollection!

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