★All About Alula ★

Hi I'm Ellea, thanks so much for wanting to know a bit more about Alula! I love, love, love jewellery and I am very rarely seen without my fingers layed up with multiple gems and wearing at least 4 necklaces which "apparently" don't go together.  Jewellery is something that is very personal to each induvial, some people, like me, love wearing stacks of colour on an everyday basis whereas other people prefer more subtle jewellery.  Alula has been designed so that there is something for everyone and so that you can build your perfect collection of jewellery that suits YOU.  My First collection 'Ells Shells' is focused around all things colourful and funky. I started Alula, ordinary "Ells Shells", in the summer of 2019 as a way of getting some extra cash. Initially, I just sold them on depop but within my first week I was surprised with how well they were selling. It was at this point I noticed that there was some potential with the small beaded cowrie shell necklaces I was making. I started experimenting selling them at a pop-up stall and before I knew it my whole summer was spent either selling jewellery on at these stalls or at a show, making jewellery or sending off all my depop orders.


My goal in life has always been to run my own business and it seemed that my little jewellery business is the start of this. As 'Ells Shells' was growing I didn't want to limit myself to just shell jewellery and wanted to create a lovely umbrella brand under which all my creations could live. The name Alula means "first leap" so I thought it was the perfect fit for my first business.

I want everyone to love collecting and playing with jewellery as much as I do, so I hope Alula inspires people to either add or start to their personal jewellery collection.

Don't forget to read the #myalulacollection page on how to start yours, and share it so I can see!

Lots of love,

Ells xox