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Hi I'm Ellea - the founder of Alula Collections and the jewellery maker, photographer, accountant, marketer, professional tea maker and when you can't find my making jewellery I will be cuddling my much love pup Rosie Blue

Thanks so much for wanting to know a bit more about Alula. Alula Collections has been designed so that there is something for everyone, for every occasion and so that you can build your perfect collection of jewellery that suits YOU. I started "Ells Shells" in the summer of 2019 as a way to make some extra cash. I have ALWAYS wanted to run my own business - its been the dream for a loooonnggg time but I always struggled to get my ideas made into a physical product, this problem is really what lead me to create "Alula Collections". I decided to take action and create something with my own hands- this resulted being a beaded necklace with a cowrie shell attached. Before I knew it the beaded necklaces I had listed on depop had nearly all sold out and I was spending my whole summer making jewellery. It was then that I started to realise that this little business which was then called "Ells Shells" could turn into a something a little bit bigger


I started to experiment through the summer selling my jewellery on the beach, craft fairs and Christmas shows and it still kept flying off the "The surfboard". Then came the name "Alula Collections". I often get asked the meaning behind "Alula" and it means "first leap"- I felt this name was very fitting for my first business. 

 I then decided it was time for me to be brave and enter a competition at my university run by Santander for young business to win a growth grant scheme and after pitching to 5 judges I came away the winner. Since then Alula Collections has continued to grow and I was even lucky enough to be able to trade at Boardmasters festival 2021 which was the MOST incredible experience- I will never ever forget how rewarding it was to see strangers walking around the festival wearing my jewellery and the que of people waiting to buy from my stand.

I have since graduated from University and really really trying to turn Alula Collections into my full time career and a jewellery empire- there are soooooooo many exciting things to come so watch this space.

In the mean time please keep sharing all your amazing pictures of you in your Alula Jewellery and spreading the word about my little jewellery business.

Lots and lots of  love, 

Ells xox 

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