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Alula Collection Ambassadors


Becoming an Alula Ambassador

So glad that you are interested in becoming an Alula Ambassador and becoming part of the Alula family. This is a really exciting time for Alula and hopefully will lead to more exciting opportunities with Alula in the future 

 What  Alula is looking for in an ambassador?

I am looking for Alula enthusiasts that are pro-active and creative individuals to help me promote Alula Collections and take us to the next level. You will need to be comfortable with promoting Alula to friends and family as well as creating content that can be shared. eg Photos of you wearing jewellery


 So just a little bit about Alula Collections as stated on the logo Alula is “a collection of beautiful things”. The whole idea with Alula is that you create your own #myalulacollection which is your own personal collection of Alula jewellery. So it’s a Pick ‘n’ Mix for jewellery basically and that what I really want customers to understand. I want consumers of Alula jewellery to be really creative with how the style and layer their jewellery so it is personal to them. Nothing is to simple and nothing is to crazy!

Your Role as an Ambassador is simple

☆ Spread the Alula word

☆ Promote, promote, promote : Use that discount code

☆ Style your jewellery to look fire 

☆ Create content of your jewellery

Wear your jewellery as much as you can, take pictures and just spread the word. As with all companies it’s the brand name that brings in a lot of the sales. The aim is for customers to recognise "Alula Collections” and automatically think of Alula when they think jewellery and gifts. You will all have business cards with your code on the back so give these out wherever you see fit. However you can spread the word whether its reposting on insta, word of mouth sharing your own posts - whatever suits you! 

In return you will receive 

☆ Free Jewellery 

☆ Personalised discount code

☆ Birthday Gifts

The next step...

Yayyy so glad you want to become an ambassador - please fill in the short form below and we will get in touch if I think we will work as a great team.

*Please note I have got lots and lots of you interested so am trying to go about this in the fairest way possible*

Thank you so so much for taking the time fill this in - it really means the world that you love Alula Collections ♡
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